Fucked roughly with my Hot dick


My name is Kerem, I am a blonde, white-skinned, plump person. I became passive for the first time at the age of 14.
While I was wandering on the beach in Seferihisar, there is a place called the small harbor. I went there. I met a 45-year-old man sitting in his boat. We had a little chat. He told me to go fishing together early tomorrow morning. I told him to take off his shorts, he took my hand and took my butt out of the boat when I finished my toilet, he took water from the sea with his hand and washed my ass while doing this, he stroked my hole with his finger and put it in a little bit, when I was done, he took his cock out and peed, it was too big, I couldn’t take my eyes off him, we started fishing again. Do you have a girlfriend? he asked no i said no he said have you ever kissed i said no i said yes when i asked if you were wondering he came to me while he was sucking on my lips he stroked my breasts when i let go he asked if i liked it he sat next to me he sat next to me he put my hand in his shorts i stroked his dick while sucking on my lips i gave up twice that day it was. He gave me the fish we caught on the way home and asked if I could come in the morning on Saturday, I said yes. I went early on Saturday, he said come to me and took him to his house I was a little scared I asked if we won’t go fishing we won’t go today he said we will go another time he started kissing you took him to the bedroom and stripped naked you have a very beautiful body you have a white meaty butt and we started making love He licked my hole with two fingers in my ass while licking my little dick I ejaculated, he was pouring my sperm into my mouth and sucking my lips, then he taught me how to lick him and he ejaculated in my mouth and on my hips. In the afternoon, we went to Sığacık with his car and bought fish, he gave it to me to take home, he said come again tomorrow morning.

The next morning, when we meet, do you want to go fishing, I said let’s go home, we entered the house, he sat on his lap today, he said I want to fuck you today, when I asked if it would hurt, he said yes, it hurts, but now you will be my wife, I agreed, we made love for a long time again, his fingers were going in and out of me while he was licking my hole. and he sprayed gel on his cock he said separate his ass i was having trouble when his head went in i shouted don’t be afraid he said it will go away slowly he walked inside me i felt a lot of pain with pleasure I felt warm and warm flowing inside my ass when i saw the torn blood i got scared i cried don’t be afraid he said i let me rest for a while then squeezing it once more He took me to the bathroom and washed my ass with cream. We slept together until noon. We made love again in the afternoon, but he did not fuck.

He continued to fuck at every opportunity for two years, now we were enjoying getting fucked. He told me that he sold his house to Antalya and left his boat to me, I was very upset. I did and enjoyed it very much.


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